What to Do With the Unused Stock of Cables? Here’s the Best Answer

unused stock of cables

Have you heard the quote “Beware of little expenses? A small leak will sink a great ship”? Every business be it an automotive manufacturing company or a small coffee shop, cost management plays a vital role.

Though there are many ways businesses can save cost, there still are some costs companies have to bear and the unused stock of cables & raw materials is one of those. Among many other raw materials and components, almost every industry out there requires wires & cables.

In the traditional way of cable procurement, manufacturing companies often purchase cables & wires in bulk since the vendors sell them in standard MOQ. Let’s assume that you are the purchase department head of an electronic devices manufacturing company. You require 940 Meters of Data & Signal Cables. But all the vendors offer a bunch of 1000 meters of Data & Signal Cables. What would you do with the remaining 60 meter of cable? Since the quantity is really small, it becomes difficult for companies to resell it.

Many companies bear the cost of such unused stock of cables and many companies sell as Scrap at loss. Wouldn’t that be great if companies could resell their unused stock as inventory and find out a paying buyer for the inventory?

CableTrades, an online platform dedicated to industrial cable online procurement has a solution. The platform connects cable distributors & industries and enables them to complete the deals in less time as compared to traditional processes. Users can upload their unused cable details and reach out to a large number of prospect companies in a simplified smart way. Businesses can sell their unused stock of wire & cables online.

Industries can simply search for their cable requirements on the platform and explore different vendors offering those cables. After comparing the prices, source managers can connect with the sellers and complete the trade offline.

But the best part about the platform is that it offers comprehensive solutions to cable traders and hence allows source managers to resell their unused stock in the form of inventory. Users can simply upload the cable inventory information and interested users from all over India can request to buy the inventory. 

The traditional method of purchasing cables & wires for industrial purposes and clearing the unused stock requires a lot of cost, resources, and even consumes time. The platform allows users to get rid of the unwanted leftover stock in a few days with a simple uploading process that requires a few clicks and a few minutes!

What makes CableTrades a unique platform?

  1. Convenience
  2. Detailed RFQs
  3. Minimum Order Quantity
  4. Inventory Selling Option
  5. Trusted Sellers
  6. 40+ Cable Types
  7. Quick Assistance

So if you are willing to manage your unused stock of cables and save some cost, you know where to sign up. Check out the one-stop solution for industrial cable requirements and leverage the smooth online procurement process.