What Is CableTrades? What Makes It the Best Platform?

cabletrades platform in india

Welcome to CableTrades, India’s First Online Cable Procurement Platform.

The manufacturing industry in India has witnessed a boom in the past decade. Since more global companies have started manufacturing in India along with an increased number of Indian manufacturers supporting the Make In India campaign, the industry has seen a good hike in overall revenue.

Various industries are experiencing growth including automotive, oil & gas, renewable energy, power plants, infrastructure, food, etc. Every original equipment manufacturer (OEM) company has a chain that connects it with other component manufacturing companies to develop a product. To build a car, automotive companies rely on vendors delivering components and other raw materials. There is one raw material that is required by almost every industry and that is cables! Name any industry and you will see a requirement of different types of cables. So how do companies get these cables and start with manufacturing?

There is a standard process of procurement where OEMs connect with vendors and order material required for final product building. For ages, companies have been following a traditional method of procurement where the purchase departments call different cable vendors, check the availability, and request quotations. The process has multiple barriers like; it is time consuming, there are limited options of vendors, and it is crucial as well as difficult to find a reliable cable supplier. Ultimately, companies bear costs till they find the perfect cable supplier who has the cables, is ready to deliver the amount of material as per your need, and in a cost-effective deal.

Addressing these pain points, CableTrades was launched to simplify the cable buying and selling process. This online cable procurement platform not only addresses the issues of industrial cable buyers but also has opened wide doors for cable sellers. Let’s explore the platform in detail.

What is CableTrades?

CableTrades is a platform where companies can connect with different cable suppliers; these suppliers can be retailers, wholesalers, or even cable manufacturing companies. Sourcing Managers can send Request For Quotes (RFQs) to the Distributors as per their cable requirements and sellers can send quotations. Once the quotations get accepted, both buyer and seller can view each other’s contact information and get connected offline to complete the trade.

What Makes CableTrades Unique?

1. Convenience

The web app allows users to sell, buy, or do both in the most convenient way. With a mere
number of clicks, users can get connected with each other and complete the trade successfully. Right from searching for the required cables to generating detailed RFQs with minute specifications, uploading the cable details to generating quotations, everything can be done in a simplified manner.

2. Inventory

One of the most unique factors about CableTrades is that it allows users to upload their Unused Cable Stock as inventory and find suitable buyers for their stock. In the manufacturing industry, companies often bear the cost of dead inventory since reselling a small number of cables is a tough task. Hence CableTrades has offered a solution to this problem in the form of inventory uploading.

3. Minimum Order Quantity

Traditionally, the cable manufacturers and distributors offer cable stocks in bulk and in a standard MOQ. Companies often end up purchasing more than required and bear the cost of extra cables. To overcome this years-old pain point of the industrial sector, CableTrades inventory listing enables distributors & suppliers to mention Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) offering transparency in the deal and allowing industries to choose the best offer.

4. Trusted Sellers

Every user willing to sell on CableTrades goes through a standard verification process. CableTrades prioritizes the user’s buying experience and hence makes sure that every user is verified and is trustworthy.

5. 40+ Cable Types

CableTrades is the biggest platform for cable procurement and you can find various distributors for 40+ types of cables. The platform has distributors offering specific types of cables as well as distributors offering multiple types of cables. A perfect place to look for any type of industrial cable.

6. Quick Assistance

The primary objective of CableTrades is to increase the pace of cable procurement and hence the online platform offers excellent customer assistance. The team of customer service executives delivers prompt solutions to every customer query.


CableTrades is not an ordinary web app but a 360-degree cable solution provider where companies can get enormous quantities of cables from trusted distributors and get started with actual product manufacturing. Check out the platform here.