5 Tips to Select the Best Cable Distributor on CableTrades

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Cables are the veins of industries! Every industry requires different types of cables for multiple requirements. Small to large-scale industries have been purchasing cables in a traditional procurement process.

Buying cables & wires in bulk is a tedious task especially when you get it in a traditional style. Among many other crucial challenges industries face in delayed manufacturing, cable stock management is one of the major challenges.

It is difficult and time-consuming to find the right type of cable, get the required quantity, best quality, and least difference in Minimum Order Quantity; in a nutshell the right cable distributor.

Let Us Help You Select The Right Cable Distributor

1. Availability

It is highly vital to know the availability of cable stock at the cable suppliers. Depending on the requirement, the stock must have more than what you want. Checking the stock also gives you an idea of on what level the supplier works and you can negotiate the prices later. 

2. MOQ

This is the biggest pain for every industry. Since almost all the electrical cable distributors offer cables in a specific MOQ (minimum order quantity), industries end up purchasing more than required. For instance, you need a stock of a 50-meter fiber optic cable and the distributor offers a MOQ of 70 meters, the remaining 20 meters of cable is a liability. Hence, it is important to understand which cable distributor is offering the MOQ that is closest to your industry’s requirements.

If you already have a big stock of unused cables and wires, (thanks to the greater difference in MOQ and requirement), you can always resell it to potential customers. Know more.

3. Brand

Another important aspect to remember while purchasing cables and finalizing a cable supplier online is to check the brand of available cables. Make sure you purchase the cables from reputed brands as it is directly associated with the quality of cables. Poor quality of cables and wires can cause machine failure and delay production and ultimately lead to major losses.

4. Location

Checking the location of your wholesale electric wire supplier online is crucial. The closer the supplier, the faster he can deliver the stock. Also, it gets convenient for the purchasing department to have a cable sample test before purchasing and giving a visit to the distributor’s unit.

5. Comprehensive Analysis

You must be wondering about different possibilities on the basis of the above 4 points. What if a cable distributor online has the perfect brand, closest MOQ, and huge stock but is located in an extremely remote area? It depends on the situation, demand, and other factors. Hence, we recommend you analyze the different offers and select the right  Cable Distributor online.

CableTrades addressed the pain point of industries and introduced an amazing feature where any industry can come to the platform and find the best cable distributors online.

CableTrades is a smart platform that not only allows you to connect with wire and cable suppliers but also shares vital information such as available stock, MOQ, brand, location, etc.

Come explore and meet different cable distributors online and get connected for cable trades.