Top 4 Tip For Buying Coaxial Cables in 2023

Tip for Buying Coaxial Cables

The industrial cable market has been seeing a whopping growth in the past couple of decades as the industrial & technological revolution is happening. The number of industries and manufacturing companies in India is growing like never before. To keep the market on higher scales, companies are adapting their functionalities by introducing new technologies.

To keep an industry going, it is vital to learn what are the requirements of that industry and what can be done to enhance the operations. Along with many other imperative aspects, raw material is one of the important aspects. Getting quality raw materials in time at a feasible cost can save you time and boost up the production scale. One of such materials is cables & wires. According to various reports, we can extrapolate that the wire & cable market in India is poised to grow by a whopping $1.65 bn between 2021-2025 with a CAGR of almost 4%

One of the most demanded cables in the Indian market is Coaxial cable. These cables are also known as Coax cables and mainly function as the radio frequency signal transmitting mediums from one point to another. There are different coaxial cable types available in the market.

How To Select The Right Coaxial Cables For Your Requirement

1. What is the function of coaxial cable?

Before purchasing coaxial or any other form of cable, it is important to know the exact requirements and functions of that cable. In a coaxial cable, the purchasing department head must know the coaxial cable signal quality, frequency range, signal power, radio frequency, the electromagnetic environment of signals, units of cable, etc. Depending on the functions of your coaxial cable, you can select the right one.

2. What should be the impedance?

The primary two types of coaxial cables are widely used- one with an impedance of 75 Ohms (Ω) and another with an impedance of 50 Ω. The impedance of cables defines the resistance of the electric circuit or component to alternating current. 75 Ohms cables are mostly used for video applications whereas 50 Ohms coaxial cables are used for data exchange. Since the type of cable cannot be determined from the outer part, we recommend you ask the cable distributor for exact specifications.

3. What is the frequency of coaxial cable?

The quality and performance of parameters like attenuation and power handling capability of coaxial cables depend on the frequency. Attenuation of coaxial cable is nothing but the energy loss per unit length of the cable. It can be due to conductor resistance, dielectric loss factor, or any other factor. If the frequency of coaxial cable is higher, the resistive loss and the attenuation are greater. Hence, whatever coaxial cable you select, make sure that cable is of good quality.

4. What type of connector is needed for coaxial cable?

Since there are multiple types of coaxial cables, there also are different types of connectors. Usually, the device, system, and other interconnective mediums connecting coaxial cables determine the connector specifications. It is important to consider different metal conductors to avoid any sort of corrosion and performance degradation.


It is vital to consider all specifications before placing an order for coaxial cables. Now that you know the specifications, wonder where you can get the best offers on industrial coaxial cables? Let us help you. You can get connected with varied cable distributors around the country with CableTrades. CableTrades is an online platform that allows cable distributors and industries for online cable procurement. Click here to know more.