Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of CableTrades ( below governs the collection, storage, and dealing of personally identifiable user data and sensitive personal data. We recommend every user read and understand the policy carefully.

CableTrades is committed to protecting the privacy of its Users. CableTrades reserves the right of amending the privacy policy anytime without prior notice and the amended version shall automatically be effective on the site.

Personal & Business Information

CableTrades collects and stores user’s personal & business information to improve the user experience on its website. The business information shared by the User with CableTrades is used to display the business products and services through listings with the sole purpose of creating an online business presence. Please note that the information uploaded gets publicly available to the users accessing the website as well as searching for similar products online.


Cookies are small files with a small amount of data that CableTrades uses to capture user’s browsing information with anonymous unique identifiers. Please note that Cookies are not used to gather user’s personal data under any circumstances due to user’s security concerns.

Third-Party Website

CableTrades does not disclose the user’s personal information to any third-party website without the user’s consent unless any government or law enforcement body asks for it. User’s access to any link on CableTrades redirecting to third-party websites is completely the user’s or third-party website’s responsibility.