If You Want to Get Best Results From CableTrades, Here’s How You Should Generate RFQs

Generate RFQs

CableTrades, India’s first online cable procurement platform allows Cable Distributors & Industries around India to connect online, understand the cable trade requirements, and complete the trade offline. The platform has been designed by industry experts having an experience of more than 3 decades. Addressing the pain points of Cable Suppliers and Industries in India, the platform allows solutions in the form of features.

If you are an Industry having cable requirements, you can simply subscribe to the platform for Free and gain benefit of the amazing features. Generating RFQs to help Cable Distributors understand your requirements. RFQs play a vital role in cable procurement as it makes your requirements crystal clear and allows Distributors to make decisions of bidding on your RFQs.

Let’s start with the step by step guide to generate an effective RFQ

1. Login

Login to your Starter Plan by submitting your credentials.

Once you enter your account, click on the option named ‘Add New’ to the top right corner of the window.

A drop down menu will appear. Click on the option named ‘Add New RFQ’

A similar form will appear

Add the city & pincode. Select the date by which you require the cable order. 

You can also select whether you are open to accept Partial Delivery & Partial RFQ.

We recommend you to select Yes for Partial Delivery & Partial RFQ. Selecting No option limits the chances to get more RFQs. Since the platform only connects you with Distributors, you can always discuss the entire requirements offline and make some changes as per your requirements.

Select the RFQ Expiry Date. On the selected date, your RFQ will automatically get closed and no Distributors will see the requirement in their feeds.

You can always withdraw your RFQ if your requirements are fulfilled.

2. Item Description

Now comes the exact cable requirements. In this window, make sure you verify all the details after filling up all the fields.

Submit cable’s brand name, cable category, manufacture part number, item description, total quantity in meters, length per drum/coil in meters, and a brief application.

The best part about Cable Trades’ RFQ feature is that you can add the Data Sheet, Specification, or even Drawing.

You can add multiple items in a single RFQ.

3. Commercial Terms

Finally you can submit the commercial terms such as Freight on Road details, Price Valid By, Payment Terms, and Upload Your Purchasing Conditions.

RFQ Summary

Finally, the platform allows you to review the RFQ Summary where you can crosscheck the entire details and edit it if required. Once you review the details, you can submit the RFQ and start getting notifications whenever a Distributor bids on the RFQ.


Now that you have learned how to generate RFQs effectively, you can gain significant benefits from the platform. Make sure you keep an eye on every bidding notification and contact the best Cable Supplier as soon as possible. For more such information, check out the CableTrades blogs.