Single Core Wires / Hook up Wires

Single Core Panel Wires

Application of Single Core Panel Wire / Hook-Up Wire:

Single core wires or Hook up wires are used in electrical & electronic circuits for connecting various devices & accessories inside Control Panels as well as in electrical/ electronic circuits.

Variants of Single Core Panel Wire / Hook-Up Wire:

Hook-up wires are generally Unshielded. These are mostly flexible cables & can be used for limited flexing applications.
The shielded cables are typical with a foil shield, braid shield, or combination of the two.

Type of Insulation & Sheathing:

Hook-up wires generally have PVC insulation. However, other insulating materials are also used based on the type of application & place of installation such as XLPE; XLPO; TPE; PUR; LSZH; Nylon; EPR rubber; Teflon, etc

Typical Construction:

Conductor: Stranded bare copper or tinned copper of Class 2 or Class 5

Insulation: PVC (mostly)

For Shielded Version: Aluminum Foil with Drain wire or Tinned copper braiding for EMI/EMC protection in Single Core Cables.

Typical Voltage Grades:

300/500 v; 450/750 v; 600/1000 V

Applicable Standards:

IS-694/ UL /CSA / HAR / BS