Best 10 Cable Companies In India

cable companies in india

Are you an original equipment manufacturer or a component manufacturer? No matter what your company produces, there is one component that is required in every industry, and that is Cables/Wires.

Cables play a vital role in product manufacturing; the processing, operational efficiency, and maintenance of the machines manufacturing the products to machines manufactured in your company.

It goes without saying that industries seek reputed brands and reliable cable companies in India when it comes to cables & wires. While looking for a reliable cable & wire supplier, you must be looking for the ones who deal with branded cables. But do you know what are the top cable companies in India? What makes these companies the best cable manufacturers in India? Let’s dive in.

Best 10 Cable Companies in India

1. Apar Industries

Apar Industries has been in cable manufacturing since 1958. The company offers Electrical, Electronics, Petroleum, Oil, Gas, Refineries, Power, & Energy products. They are known for their cables and wires having best-in-class quality and durability.

2. Finolex Cables

Finolex Cables has been in cable manufacturing since 1958. With more than 30,000 retail outlets they are known for their good quality cables & wires. Their excellent quality products make them one of the top 10 cable manufacturers in India.

3. Polycab

Another industry giant deals in electronic components including top-quality cables & wires. With decades of experience, Polycab is known for its prompt service and consistent quality of products. If you are looking for a reliable brand for your electronic devices, Polycab is the answer.

4. KEI Cables

Established in 1968, Krishna Electrical Industries has gained immense popularity and customer loyalty globally. The company has a wide market in India as well as major countries where industries trust them with the quality, durability, and service.

5. RR Kabel

With a presence in over 85 countries globally, RR Kabel has earned a reputation for offering the best & premium quality cables. You can rely on the brand for the best performance and achieve long life for your cables.

6. Havells India Ltd.

Havells India is known for its wide customer base and an array of cables & wires suitable for every industry. Even if you deal with rarest cables & wires, you can get it from Havells India that too with premium quality.

7. Paramount Communications

Established in 1984, Paramount Communications has a turnout of over 500 crores per year which indicates the efficiency of cables & wires. The company deals in a variety of cables & wires and caters to a wide range of industries.

8. LS Cable India

The best part about LS Cable India is that the company understands industry pain points and has delivered amazing solutions in the form of Fire-proof cable, Special cables for the mining industry, and Reeling cable with fiber optics. Definitely a go-to brand for cables.

9. Belden

A trusted partner for cables and wires dealing with different industries like automation, infrastructure, cybersecurity, etc. They are known for their excellent customer service and ‘Customer First’ approach.

10. Gupta Power Infrastructure

Established in 1995, Gupta Power Infrastructure offers a wide range of products, right from railway signals to household wiring. With a wide customer base, the company is planning to extend its product line and be consistent in its prompt service.


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